January is National Mentoring Month!

How can you help BBBS of Blair County continue to make an impact now that its 2017?


1. Become a Big!
We have over 100 Little Brothers & Sisters just waiting to be matched!

2. Make a financial gift.
Help us expand our reach by financially supporting our Community and SMART Mentoring Programs.

3. Share what mentoring means to you!

1/12/2017 – “I Am a Mentor Day” — A day for Bigs to celebrate their role & reflect on the ways their Littles have enhanced their world.  Share your stories on social media!

1/19/2017 – “Thank Your Mentor Day” — A day to personally thank all Bigs and/or mentors by expressing appreciation through social media, a thank you note, or face to face.

 Continue helping children and their families by making a donation today.

Agency Contact Information

Blair County Office:
Phone: (814)-944-6129 – Email: blairbbbs@aol.com – Fax: (814)-944-9094

Huntingdon County Office:
Phone: (814)-643-6955 – Email: bbbs16652@aol.com – Fax: (814)-644-9083



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